Logistics to Go Digital

Today more and more companies and sectors go digital and this gives way to new solutions. Digitalization and big data together can boost effectiveness of your enterprise if you use it properly and analyze the data that is really helpful for your business and supply chains will benefit from new digital solutions. Logistics is a fast moving and developing industry and it has to keep up with todays trends to provide the best customer service and succeed.

Here are some trends essential for efficient operation:

  • Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions enable better digital collaboration between companies, clients, contractors and suppliers. These solutions are used for all possible business management tasks and provide 24/7 online communication with managers and clients around the globe. Another advantage of cloud-based solutions is data storage. Each enterprise connected to them has access to any data stored in the cloud.

  • Big data

Today many businesses go online, they produce and exchange more data than ever and new effective software ensures quicker data generation and processing and helps to use them effectively. With big data and software companies analyze their activity, forecast threats and develop new strategies to help their business grow.

  • Robotics

With the help of robotics companies work faster and today robots can carry out simple operations at production sites but in near future they will also be able to carry out operations that require intellect. Thus, robotics will save both time and money of a company.

  • Blockchain technologies

Blockchain helps secure information exchange between companies, suppliers and contractors. Today it is possible to sign contracts and make agreements with people around the world with the help of blockchain technology and it also provides data storage and any kind of information about a particular item and enable live tracking.

  • AI and analysis

These tools help companies plan their activity, see the demands of clients and analyze effectiveness. Algorithms based on delivered data processing make workflow more transparent and comprehensible for everybody. With the help of AI logistic companies can predict the needs of their clients and meet them in advance which is profitable for companies and helps them to provide better customer service and better communication with partners and providers and of course simplifies error analysis. These tools also help to collect data and analyze data of other suppliers and companies to see market trends and empty spaces that need to be filled.

Digital technologies also help to avoid any kind of mistakes and make back-office operations smooth. They also provide better communication between providers, suppliers and logistic companies speeding up all operations and provide up to date information about shipment and customs clearance.  Rates and availability are also better in digital because you can always see actual costs and timing of deliveries that is beneficial for both customers and companies. Digitalized Security and documents for customs speed up deliveries and reduce the number of errors to zero as well as validate suppliers and help companies avoid reputational damage due to transparency.

According to analysts today more than 60% of carriers still pay with paper checks but brokers hope that in 2023 more and more companies will go digital.

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